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    Originally posted by Claude View Post
    For basswood, I highly recommend Heinecke Wood Products - premium Northern basswood, fast service, and they'll cut to order...
    Yeah, it's just the shipping that hurts so much, most places' prices are ok, before you tell em where you live.

    Originally posted by honketyhank View Post
    I like the osage orange bird in its nest. Looks like a comfortable comfort bird.

    I found osage orange to be relatively difficult to carve. It is pretty hard wood but the splintery aspect was the main problem for me. So power carving could well be the best choice.
    Looks like I biased everyone for the osage with that nest osage was cut from a tree I left on the ground for 5 years before cutting it. I think it may still be a little moist and kept me from having any trouble with it. I got one splinter when I hit the grain a certain direction on his head, but that was the only time. It is hard though, it smoked my scroll saw blade. It even gives my 16" Grizzly bandsaw a workout.

    I added a cherry one to the original post.