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    Last Friday we had a family picnic, I took carving supplies and extra knives and taught three teen agers some carving basics. Three more teens joined to watch. I kept 6 teens off their cell phones for 3 or 4 hours. My small contribution to the betterment of humanity Here is one of the carvings a 16 year old completed
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    Nicely done Herb and great you lit a spark in the younger folks. Nice first attempt and something he/she should cherish. Apply some paint, or just antique it?
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      Nice carving for that teenager. Your contribution
      to the betterment of humanity will be remembered. Thank you.


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        Hi Herb
        You need a medal for keeping 6 teens off their phones for three hours,it is up to us "old farts " to pass our knowledge and talents on to these youths. I would do what you have done if I had more space at my market booth. I whittle ornaments while people watch me carve, when I see children focused on what I am creating, I reward them with a carving to take home,I have had numerous people come back a few weeks later and buy one of carvings.
        I think with what you did with these teens is great, I may offer free classes for two at a time carving lesson once a week in my shop
        Thanks for sharing your idea


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          Originally posted by woodburner807 View Post
          Nicely done Herb and great you lit a spark in the younger folks. Nice first attempt and something he/she should cherish. Apply some paint, or just antique it?
          Thanks wood burner, I don't know the lad is from Texas and has returned there. I did tell his mom abut the carving club in Austin so if he makes contact they will guide him along
          And thank Ray V and Bruce for the nice thughts


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            Way to go Herb. That seems like an impossibility in this day and age. The lad did a good job for a first carving..
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              Well done Herb, now just get them to come to your house each week and continue their learning journey!

              Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                Well done, Herb!

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                  Nice work Herb. Good on ya for doing what you did.



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                    You're a magician Herb! Well done. Those teens won't realize how lucky they were to have you in their life until they're in their 40's or 50's..... get the carving bug, and think back to those 3-4 hours with you.


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                      That was a great deed you did, Herb! Getting today's youths involved with wood carving is so important for two reasons: 1) to get them away from their electronic screens, and 2) to help perpetuate the fine art of wood carving. The young folks of today don't realize the values to be gained from wood carving and that young fellow did a fine job on his first wood carving. I hope he got bitten by the bug. Congratulations on a job well done!
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                        good for you remember when boy scouts all had a knife? art teaches kids appreciation and patience we need more of those today


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                          Herb, I'm sitting here trying to think of something even nicer to say, than what has already been said∙∙∙∙can't do it. If this site had a "tutor" award, you would have it now
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