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  • MIniature woodcarving

    Good day everyone, cant really call myself a beginner, im something before that.
    I don't have any carving experience really, as just some playful carves from chopsticks with regular kitchen knife.

    However i really want get in to it, and i think it would have make me happy doing it (yes, in search fro happiness)
    What i think i would really enjoy is carving small weapons/knifes, swords, something from current pop culture.

    to Start i need to buy decent woodworking tools, and this is where i get lost, i have tried ordering once from Amazon,
    but what i received was clay working tools. Can you guys suggest me a brand that's reliable or where i could order?

    gotta say I am in Europe, Latvia.

    Thanks in advance!

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    First of all, Welcome! Your question is a good one, and you'll be getting many different opinions and most of them will be spot on.
    When I first got back into carving, I had an old X-Acto set, but soon found that I wanted more. The first knives I order was Flec Cut SK108 21pc Deluxe starter set. Once I got to carving I started adding some other more specific knives from different makers and even started making some of my own,

    With that said, I'll let some of the other guys chime in with there suggestion.

    Glad to have you aboard, and you"ll be surprised how fast time flys when you carving
    . . .JoeB


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      Welcome. Can you find a wood carving club in your area? That would be the best advice.

      From Latvia, I'd look for Stubai and Narex, maybe Pfeil. Expensive but very good quality.
      The English Henry Taylor and Ashley Iles might be hard for you to get.
      Mora/Frost (Sweden) make some good knives that are not expensive.
      Hans Karrlson is excellent but always low on stock to buy.

      You will need some powder-fine honing abrasives to make your edges "carving sharp."
      Most industrial supply places sell chrome green polishing compound.
      Very important process to learn to do well.
      Brian T


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        Welcome to the forum and you can fill your brain with a search of the forum here. Not sure what type of wood you will be carving and Brian has some great suggestions. BeaverCraft in Ukraine has some inexpensive knives and I bought one that seems to be fine. They are on Amazon also. I haven't used them very much (have a specialty bowl knife) and maybe not a "top of the line" tool but they seem fine on a budget.

        You are correct, carving is relaxing and time flies by when doing it. The main thing is to have fun.
        Living among knives and fire.


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          Welcome to the forum. Everyone above have given good advice. Have fun and relax. Oh yea, get a box of band aids or use a glove.


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            Welcome to the forums. There are several European carvers here so hopefully one or more of them will give you some advice.

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              Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes, each of the advice seems to be very helpful, heck, i even have to google all the brands now! i couldnt even imagine where to start before, but now i have the names. Thanks a bunch guys, i probably will be checking in again some time!


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                I'd start out by investigating Amazon EU. See what they offer. You can always Google the item to find a review on it.