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How to carve with a swiss army knife?

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    I second the carving club idea. You can never have too much help when you're just starting out.


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      Originally posted by swissarmyknives View Post
      I'm only 8. I whittled a stick to the white part. Is my knife sharp enough?
      Well, you were able to whittle down to the white part of the stick. But, the sharpness of Swiss Army Knives, even when brand new, it not what experienced whittlers call "sharp." If you find a local carving club, ask one of the old timers if you can try his (or her) knife. You will be amazed at the difference. Next, ask him to teach you a little about how to get it that sharp.


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        My modified swiss army knife, before & after.
        It can be done, but I wouldn't recommend it except for a very experienced carver. The threat of the blade closing is too great. Just my opinion.
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