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  • Where do you get your material

    Where do you all get your wood from? I'm just starting out but experienced with using burs and hand pieces!So I'm new but yet I'm not. I want to know where you order your wood from (websites). thank you in advance!

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      Ditto to Heinecke but also recently been getting basswood, black walnut, and butternut from this fellow:
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        For western red cedar, birch and yellow cedar, I can drive to nearby mills and pick my pieces.
        The shake blocks ( 24" x 12" x 8") need to be split into the sizes that I'll carve. P.osts are 5" x 5" x 64".
        Everything is $5.00 each. I'll buy a dozen at a time and stack them in the yard or in the house.

        The YC is $7.00/bdft., usually 4" x 6" x 60". Mahogany, I have to buy in the city.
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          For basswood, I buy from Heinecke Wood Products If you are doing primarily power carving, basswood fuzzes up badly. Tupulo is much better (preferred for realistic decoys...). You might also find jelutong. Another good one is Poplar (tulip poplar or yellow poplar). Other good ones, but more difficult to find, butternut, cherry, walnut, apple, pear, etc. This can be hard as rock for a knife, but carve well with power tools. Look around in your local area for hardwood lumber sales. You can find lots of these on EBay, but be leary of quality and what you get... Depending on where you live, you might find aspen, birch, beech. All carve well with power when dry, but are quite hard. Olive is another great wood for power carving, but like a rock for a knife. Stay away from the pines/firs/etc. They are generally more difficult to carve because of the grain structure. Myrtle wood from the West coast is good for power carving.

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   their wood is like butter, they're friendly kind people. I like eggs from here their wood is very good too. Sometimes from a local place if they have what I want.....



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              Originally posted by woodburner807 View Post
              Ditto to Heinecke but also recently been getting basswood, black walnut, and butternut from this fellow:
              I agree; I get basswood from Heinecke, but recently got barkedge from Loess Hills Sawmill, as Heinecke no longer offers it. I haven't carved the wood from Loess yet, but it is beautiful, flawless wood.