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  • I need help!

    I'm totally new here and fairly new to carving. My problem is as follows. Last year I ordered some pre- started blanks for Santa ornaments. I did a Santa ornament from scratch a couple of years ago that turned out nice but decided to try these. Problem is I have no idea how to get started on these and take it from where it is to where I want it. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

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    So did the rough out come with photo or diagram? Lots of YouTube videos on carving Santa.
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      Imagine your roughout was a square block. Then what? You draw a centerline and sketch the face. Or you sketch the outline of the Santa ornament and you start removing the wood up to the line. And then continue on. It's no different. The blank only helps in that it removes extra wood all around. If you have a pattern, sketch some key lines on the wood. Start carving. It won't turn out exactly like the original you saw. It'll be close but it's you the carver that makes the carving. You will always put your on tweak on the finished carving. That's what makes woodcarving so unique.

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        Hello and welcome. Google " carving Santa your tube" you will see a number of how to's that should help you get started.
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          I've never done a "roughout," so I can't address that, however as mentioned check Youtube and there is a ton of information there. Good luck and post some progress pictures and the members can give you some feedback.
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            Jahenbo, I'm new to carving as well. I did a couple of Santa ornaments using YouTube videos by Gary McDaniel. He has 17 or 18 short videos (15-20 minutes) on carving the ornament which were pretty easy for me to follow. You might want to check it out and see if it works for you:




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              i cant quite see it well enough but i might venture a guess that as a roughout, that top ?inch? is a stub left on, from mounting it in the machine, that it would ordinarily be carved off. unless it happens to be there for the stocking cap.

              photos at........


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                I always start by penciling in any features that I can by comparing photos should have come with it. But it is a Santa and you can easily make out where the eyes, mustache, cheeks, and hat go. I have penciled them in for you here and hopefully that will help. I always cut the knob off at the top, unless i can include it as the design, and I outline the shapes with a soft V tool or a u gouge. Then I shave off all the machine marks made when it was cut and roughed out. There is always a point where I quit looking at the instructions anyway. This kinda reminds me of a Mark Akers bottle stopper design, so he might know what it should look like.
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