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Making a reinterpretation of someone elses carvings.

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    Originally posted by rraposo View Post
    Here's a test "copy" i tried to make... Too start i think it's a bit too similar so i won't be finishing it, rather it will go into storage... However it did allow me to rethink my approach and I'm going to use an "adaptation" of his ideas... I'm posting my carving and his for comparison. It also tought me what not to do and a few other bits
    Wow you did awesome on it, now the next step is to create your own design using the techniques you learned. I would not throw that into storage but finish it and add it to your own personal collection. A great learning lessons that you choose. Shows you how capable you are which at times is a great reminder. Finish it, I would have that work in my living room for show off. As you go, people often want to see just how good you are, these kinds work although not your creation, show your talent in wood.
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      By your own admission, it was a great learning experience. Good.
      I'm looking forward to seeing your "inspired" design next.
      Brian T


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        I would be finishing it to keep on display as a constant reminder of what I wanted to achieve and to use it as a reference for the piece I wanted to make in the same style .

        I have a real thing for humming birds so would put one on each segmant of the sections between the leaf stems going to the centre piece in diffent poses for interest. The centre piece I would make as a bunch of trumpet flowers and that would be my version of the concept.

        Like Pallin indicated there are a thousand versions of a santa ornament and each person applies their own idea of how it might look. I think this falls in the same category.

        Cheers and have a great Xmas.