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Most Satisfying Wood Carving Technics and Tools

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    Think what gets to me, is the times I bought the next new tool or woodcarving power tool. Most of it was expensive and a lot of it broke down easily, most of it comes with a year or few years warranties. Today those tools are either in the trash can or sit on a bench staring at me as ....I was looking for an easier fast way. Today I get a lot of woodcraft tools who purchased it for the same reasons... the new promised a better way of doing it. They found out it did not do what they promised, faster and better. Some of those machines costing 600 dollars or more are not worth much at all, and the replacement parts if available... too expensive making the machine worthless once broken. The old methods do the same job and once you learn the skill just as fast. The difference is you buy one good chisel it will last often a lifetime the machine does not last often beyond its warranty. Now if you are really rich, and got money to blow....go for it...we want to hear the results of your experiment. I got one too many experiments sitting at the dump. Yes there are few great machines out there but they come from wisdom of the people who own them and had them for a long time.

    This ad that says....Can you imagine what kind of skills it took in the old days to do the same things without all the tools and gadgets we have now??
    Hello everyone, today it's quite easy for us to produce much better products using woodworking tools ands some technics. Here are some of the tools that you can use it in your carving
    . Is a false advertisement in my book of opinions. It is the skill of the person who uses the tool. That should be your focus, learn and build the skill.

    Tons of ads out there that should say I want your money.... but that is why we have a forum to hopefully prevent you from making some of the mistakes that we have made.


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      For a decade or more now, I have been an advocate of a First Nations carving principle = make your own tools. 15,000 rpm does not expand my understanding of the wood or of the carving process.
      Once or twice a year, I drag out the Roto-Zip to do in an hour what would take me a week by hand.
      I defer to the skills of the bladesmiths. I enjoy the application of their experience to my carvings.
      Brian T


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        Sorry folks, I missed the video link on this one. He is now banned.

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