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Small hole found in London plane wood while carving ?

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  • Small hole found in London plane wood while carving ?

    I have found a small hole in some wood I was carving, it is not very deep but has dark matter in it.. Can it be an infestation if there was no entry hole? The wood was a branch that had partially dried after falling off a tree. Any help would be really useful!

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    This is what it looks like Incase it helps? It just appeared as I whittled it?
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      Possibly a fungus?


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        It could be a bark inclusion? But put it in your freezer or microwave it a little if you think it is an insect?
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          Hard to tell from a picture, but it could be a borer but if there is only one that reduces the chances. I used to put the wood in a plastic bag and toss in an insect bomb.
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            One of the many surprises of wood carving, holes can be caused by bugs, disease, fungus, termites, and perhaps the center wood is hollowing and rotting out. You will find out how deep it is and what direction the holes are going, ... if you continue to carve. As a small hole can become a big hole as you carve?

            It can be treated and then filled, but the patch will be visible on the finished product. Depends at this point what you want to risk...if the hole goes deep and or gets bigger it often goes into the trash can unless you want to learn repair work. There is a saying you never know what you are going to get, as wood can have holes, nails, and rock inside and they can really mess up your plans. As small as this is I would throw this one in the trash if I did not want to go through the whole mess of repair, but it is all up to you at this point.

            Welcome to the world of holes and cracks. This can happen at any point in carving and it is very upsetting when that hole appears in the worst place possible. It has happened to me on a few occasions. I have at times carved out the hole and redesigned my plans... and I got pretty good at damage control filling and plugging. But where you go is all up to you...but this is part of the not-fun issues.