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    Originally posted by PittsburghTim View Post
    I've purchased large pieces (5/4, 6/4, 8/4 and even some 16/4 boards) of basswood (and butternut) from Keim Lumber in the Holmes County Ohio. I believe it is from the general area and it is just fine for carving. I have also purchased from Heinecke hoping it may be significantly easier to carve because of their reputation. I cannot tell the difference as far carving. Both sources are good, but I will stick with the less expensive wood from Keim given that we visit that area several times a year and it is a pleasant two hour drive into the heart of Ohio Amish country. Cutting down large boards is no problem as I have a large band saw and table saw in my woodworking shop. If you are near Columbus, it is definitely worth the trip as they carry more tools and domestic and exotic hardwood lumber than you can imagine.

    We've been to the Amish country several times, but that was before taking up carving. We would go back again but my wife is in not condition for a two hour drive. So, I guess I will try Basil Lumber in Baltimore, Ohio, it's about 20 minute drive.
    Keim is located in Charm and I remember a little restaurant in the center of town that had great food. We never left hungry.


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      Sort of related ! I have a friend that I met through Church, he was a carver and had had a fire in his garage. asked me if I was interested in basswood. I said sure. I now have a lifetime supply, some of it is slightly singed. All I need to do now is more carving.