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Chip carving knife recommendation

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  • Chip carving knife recommendation

    New to wood carving and want to try chip carving, any recommendations for a good chip carving knife, I’m in the uk if that makes a difference.

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    I am not really a chip carver but I have two Wayne Barton chip carving knives I use for detail and doing lines. A number of friend who do chip work recommended them to me. Pfeil, Two Cherry, also make chip carving sets and are excellent tools. There are some very good chip carvers here that will share Iam sure.
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      The slicing cuts of chip carving call for a short, straight edged, stiff blade. On some, the cutting edge is angled inward toward the handle. Contrary to the "sets" advertised, most chip carving is done with one or two knives - the one described above and a plunge knife (one with the cutting edge across the end, to be plunged vertically.)
      Of the knives pictured, the top one is what I use, the middle is a detail knive (not suitable for chip work), the lower is another version of the #1. I have also done chip carving with a fishtail gouge as it this discussion:

      Chip carved illusion - Woodcarving Illustrated
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        I do lines with a Moor Large Chip carving knife, the bevel is slanted downwards.
        It has taken extreme pressure most times for a deep cut. Why it has not snapped off, I don't know.
        Don't be deceived by the goofy-looking plastic handle: it does fit a human hand!
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