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    I have been doing Intarsia for years and would like to try Relief Power Carving with my foredom tools what books would be best to start with. Thank You in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum.
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      Tom, I have no idea what books to recommend, just do a web search. But to do relieve caving with power tools (burrs), I think you pretty much have acquired the skills you need to do release carving. Myself, I watch Pinterest for ideas to do. once I get the pattern cut in, using 1/16' dental bur, I'll probably use a 1/8" "SC" round head cylinder, double cut bur to gently start relieving the wood. I still use knives while power carving, particularly #3s 1/8, 3/16 & 1/2".
      Just my 2¢.
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        Welcome Tom, and great resources here and on the web. I don't do relief carving, so no suggestions there but others here do and will offer information.
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          Hi Tom welcome to the forum. Here are three authors who’s books I have learned a lot about relief carving from. Nora Hall, Lora Irish and Chris Pye. They all have good books on begging relief carving. You can find books on Amazon or Fox chapel books. Also if you click on woodcarving illustrated in the dark strip at the top left of this page then click on “How To” you will find a lot of information on carving and power carving. Look forward to seeing you work.
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            I started with Lora Irish relief books. The projects are great for learning the how to do it part. Highly recommend her books are more of a class room kind of teaching. If you want more classical work and harder then Chris Pye as good books and learning skills although he does not often use power and more of a chisel guy. He has more of a master class skills in learning.


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              Welcome to the forums, Tom!

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