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  • Loose knife blade

    I m using a 1-3/4" rough out knife. The blade has become loose...wiggles up and down. What is the best way to snug that up again?
    thank you,
    Robert J.

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    Robert a photo of the knife would help because there are a lot of different types of construction.


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      I have attached pictures...hope they are not to blurry. First photo shows blade in correct position....second photo shows blade down with about 1/16" gap between top of blade and handle...of course the reverse is also true...when the blade is in the top position, the gap is on the bottom...thus the wiggle
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        I'd suggest calling Flexcut and asking them about sending it back to them. Loose blades are not supposed to happen.

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          If it is out of warranty I would try to insert a small chip covered with a not to fast hardening glue in the gap pushing it very firm in the gap.
          Maybe you can use a bolt driver and a hammer or even a screwdriver.
          Or, as claude says, telling the company in a very kind e-mail what is wrong and asking if there is a way of exchanging the knife.
          In other situations, when something got broken, I asked companys if they have spare parts or told them what was wrong and they sent me a new part free of charge. You just have to ask the worst thing to say they could do is saying "no chance buy a new one".
          Then you can try to repair.
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            Pull the blade fully out, apply a little epoxy and push it back in. It will not move again. This is not uncommon for Flexcut, both my remaining Flexcut knives have this done.


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              Before doing anything, drizzle down some Crazy Glue along side the blade. Mine didn't have a large gap but once I applied the crazy glue and let it set overnight, it has been tight as a drum ever since. I should mention mine is a modified 1" blade--it's reshaped and a bit smaller. As far as the gap is concerned, you might shove a flat toothpick into the gap along with the crazy glue. The glue should really tighten things up with he filler wood.

              BTW--I don't know how old your knife is but from what I have heard the quality of the steel in the blades being made now is quite different than the older blades. So, if you get a new one from Flexcut, it may be worse than what you have now.

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                So guys would this be a good application for baking soda and super glue to fill the void?



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                  Thank you for the replies...lots of good answers here. Steev, I've tried to pull the blade all the way out and can't get it out. Claude, thanks for the link. I will contact flexcut and see what they say. If need be, there are some good suggestions here to try to tighten it on my own. Thank you everyone.
                  Robert J.


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                    I guess I will add my .02. If FC will not help, I would suggest using brass pins to secure the blade. This would require the use of a drill press to completely go through the handle as well as the blade tang. You can get some brass rod from any welding supply shop, and then insert the brass rod sections maybe to allow 1/8" to extend from both sides of the handle. I would also suggest you put some 5 minute epoxy in the hole so the rod can be firmly fixed. After curing, a belt sander will take the brass rod down flush with the handle. I would suspect 2 pins, 3/32" in diameter, would be would just have to guess how far the tang extended into the handle.

                    I have made quite a few carving knives this way, pinning the square blades into round holes, and using a split wood plug to fill the end on either side of the blade.
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                      I've got a progression to try.

                      1. Shape a couple of pieces of fat cocktail toothpick, the round ones, that would shim up the wiggle gaps. Slather them with epoxy and tap down into the gaps. Tomorrow, prune off the tops of the toothpicks and squeeze-out epoxy.

                      2. Maybe that lets go in several weeks. I can't see why but maybe it does.

                      Find a country store that sells horse tack, leather and farrier's supplies/tools.
                      They should have several kinds of copper rivets and brass rivets, even the 2-piece cutlery rivets.
                      Come over to my house, I'll give you some to mess with.
                      I buy copper rivets in 16oz boxes. Good American stuff.

                      Like several brands of blue jeans, I rivet canvas aprons at stress points and they will never let go.

                      Drill it and pin it HARD to anchor that blade like it is never going to wiggle again.
                      Brian T


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                        I did contact Flexcut customer service. They seemed nice and willing to help. The guy I talked to offered to replace the knife or if I wanted to, I could try to fix it to avoid the hassle of sending it back. He suggested propping the blade upright and putting a drop of gorilla glue on it and allowing it to seep into the top gap...not to use any kind of shim in it. I did this plus tamped the glue into the gap with a needle and let it harden. He said to try the fix and if that didn't work I should send it in for replacement. Seemed fair enough....time will tell if my fix will last.
                        thank you all for your help and responses.
                        Robert J.