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  • Relief carving beginner tools

    Can you recommend a basic beginners set for relief carving?
    I am in the UK (England) and have some whittling knives but would like to try relief carving with the aim of eventually carving some designs into my air rifle stock.

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    I highly recommend Mastercarvers wood carving sets.They are specifically designed for relief carving. They have been reviewed by Chris Pye who seems to like them. You can search reviews in this same forum from ten to 12 years ago. They average ten dollars a tool in US dollars. They are available in the UK.


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      Pfeil swiss made are good tool and offer a variety of sets. Two cherry, Sheffield and Auriou are also good tools. Auriou are used by Chris Pye a well known UK carver. You may want to look him up on line. he offers some great on line How to videos. All these tools should be avalible in the UK. I know there are carving clubs in many shires in the UK. If you are in driving distance of one you may fined it worth your time to visit it. See what tools the carvers who are doing the carving you want to learn are using. Buying sets you can spend money on tools that you may not need. 5 or 6 basic tools will let you do a lot of carving.
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        If you intend to mainly do incised carving, as on your stock, your tool choice may vary somewhat from those used for the broader termed relief carving. Randy has given good advice.


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          Saton, you need to find local and like-minded wood carvers where you live.
          Really attractive wood carvings were made with top quality tools in top quality woods.

          I expect that you will find the prices of those top-brand tools, such as Pfeil, to be a shock.
          However, they do perform to the best of a carver's ability, every time.
          Sets of tools try to be all things to all carvers and you often have a dog that never gets used.

          Chris Pye's endorsement is worth a lot. Something to think about.

          I did a relief carving short-course. Was a major gift which actually go me going in wood carving.
          Here's the "beginner's" list: (all Pfeil unless noted)

          12oz polyurethane-faced, ShopFox mallet
          2-sided strop and honing compound

          Carving woods required what is sometimes called "carving sharp" tool edges.
          Not shaving sharp, carving sharp.
          In reality, every 20-40 minutes you will have to give your active tools a lick on the strop
          to keep them carving sharp. That takes the effort out of the pushing and the shavings are fun to watch as they curl off.

          Brian T


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            If you want to buy British, then have a look at Ashley Isles, Robert Sorby or Henry Taylor. Others readily available in the UK include Flexcut, Narex and Beavercraft as well as those already mentioned.


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              Thank you for the responses
              Purchased some Henry Taylor palm tools as I think they will be better for me as I have arthritis.
              I will spend a few months practising on scrap wood before attempting it!


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                Treated myself to these!
                My first chisels and being added to my whittling knife, detail knife and hook knife.
                The addiction has begun!
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                  Henry Taylor are supposed to be good tools. Another place to look, is here: https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...goose-tutorial Scroll down and see what tools Lora Irish uses.

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