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#11-14 a gnome seldom comes alone...

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  • #11-14 a gnome seldom comes alone...

    After gnome number 1...I tried some more. Making was fun, painting and finishing just more fun.

    IMG_20220115_095304.jpg IMG_20220115_095329.jpg IMG_20220115_095425.jpg IMG_20220115_095358.jpg #11 left, #14 right (with #11 I cut of his nose twice )

    naked: IMG_20220114_085423.jpg IMG_20220114_085451.jpg

    I think I will try something different.
    Please give me comments, critics, hints, tipps and so on...I will learn from you all please. (Note to myself: I should make pictures inbetween so see waht I can improve )

    Thanks, Yolande (btw. I am glad to be in this forum ).last week I bought basswood for almost 200€

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    Very cute little guys. Don’t see anything that looks wrong to my eye well done


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      Those gnomes are fantastic. Really nice paint choices. Each one similar, yet different in appearance.


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        gnice gnomes i like 'em all


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          Nicely carved group of colorful gnomes. Like them...
          Living among knives and fire.


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            Nice work on the gnomes!

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              Oh, thanks you all for the nice words


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                Very nice group of gnomes. Nicely finished and painted as well.


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                  : thanks... these ones do have hair


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                    The way you do your pants is the reverse of how I do mine. I put the "V" in the front and the "T" across the back.

                    The world can never have too many gnomes!



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                      Gnomes are perfect and I love the paint job. When you double click your pictures it enlarges the areas then double click again you get a big close-up of the work, appears you have hair or fibers, or wood fuzzys stuck in your paint, I can not tell what it is? I know both issues can be a pain in the rear end, I have animals and always digging out hair or my own on my stuff. If it is fuzzies of wood you may want to get them off before painting. I do not paint where I carve. Fuzzy wood I cut off, or fine sand off...or burn off with a wood burner. You are good enough to sell these, keep on going......
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                        @Berg: You are right...I will have to study pants again
                        @Di: Thanks for looking and comment. I looked at the close ups and I know what it the end, I polished the wax with a polish cloth, I think this one has fuzzies , I will have to use an other one. (thank you for your compliment...blushing...I will go on, but have to try something else, I will not stuck to the same things)
                        Just another question: You told one shall never use acrylics on oil. I will keep this in mind, and with my next painting, I will do something else before painting (probably clear spray, in the way Claude and Arthur said) ...but why did it functioned with my paintings?? I did BLO first, then acrylics and then BLO again) Or is it just beginners luck??


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                          Great carving, and great paint job!!!

                          I started dipping my carvings in BLO and then painting with thinned acrylics. I really like the look. I learned this from caricature carver Roger Stegall in his class I took a year ago.

                          I then finish with clear Minwax 209 stain. It gives my carvings a great finish.

                          Good luck and keep the pics coming!


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                            Hi Yolli, your doing Great , keep your Mind and Imagination working . Merle


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                              Originally posted by yolli View Post
                              @ ...but why did it function with my paintings?? I did BLO first, then acrylics and then BLO again) Or is it just beginners luck??
                              I had few issues using this method, in the beginning with paint did not stick in very few small areas on some pieces. Perhaps more areas had oil on them?? People can have success with your method...lots of depending factors and there are risks.

                              The rule of thumb of using oil and acrylic together keeps changing over time. Last I look it is ok to put oil on top of acrylic but not the other way around. You want to stick with oil mixed with oil or chemicals. And acrylics work best with water-based mixtures. Although you may have success with BLO and acrylic on top, it is risky( reaction to color pigment darkening, the paint may pop off with time, the paint may have a reaction to oil and mold easily) the old saying goes oil does not mix with water. but it is noted as people do use it, I tried after a few years I did not like the long-term end result. Also, BLO must be really dry before putting on anything...which is like oil paints...each layer must be dry before the next layer is put on. One bad thing about me I was college-trained in the chemical reaction of artist materials over a period of time.... so you will hear me talk about this factor. As one person put Di
                              I am not looking to make my elf last the next hundred years so no worries
                              ...LOL Your paint looks great so far.

                              I am glad you found the source of the fuzz, I could not for the life of me figure out what it was, sort of even looked like spider webs??? LOL One time I used spray enamel on a carving...I was in my shop. Went back and it had all kinds of stuff stuck to it wood dust, cat hairs....the works...and I had to completely sand it out which was not fun. If I was you get to try different methods on here and do it on scrap wood, see which method will work best for you. The only method I recommend after tons of I know that I do not like the finishes is the one who is a professional master woodcarver in his video think you will really like the results if you can master this technique.

                              It takes time and trying new things, your always learning...I learn new better things every day. I will note one more thing humidity or dryness in your environment can major effect a finish and even paint....what works for me may not be best for you....this is why you need to test things out. I have often taken everyone's opinions and tested them out ....see which one works for me. Plus items are never wasted for example I always use the things like BLO with artist oil paint it makes an awesome stain for wood or antique stain over paint.
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