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    I'm lazy, I buy a bag of cheap brushes, just be sure they are soft fiber and not the stiff ones, (I like the flat brushes and the synthetic sable) then I toss them. Beats spending time trying to clean a more expensive brush. When I know I am going to be applying more coats, I just wrap the brush in plastic wrap and keep it for the next coat. I thought about storing a brush in the poly, but haven't tried it, might be pretty messy.


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      Hi Yolli
      I think your carvings told you the truth they look just fantastic. Very nicely done buddy.


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        It me took be along time befor I understood how to properly apply polyurethane. But I think I have it down now. First don't buy fast drying poly, make your own by thinning poly with mineral spirits. (That's what the fast drying stuff is.) Mineral spirits (USA) = white spirits (Europe) . I suggest you thin at least with at least 50% mineral spirits . It will dry very quickly which has the advantage of drying befor any any ambient dust settles into it and ruins the finish. It will dry in under an hour. (I actual thin
        now with 3 parts mineral spirits to 1 part polyurethane and make many coats.) Make many coats to build up the amount of poly you like. (The mineral spirits evaporates out leaving just the poly behind, thus you need to make many coats. I get bored after about 5 coates.) I apply a polyurethane-mineral spirits mix with a rag. Sand if you like between coats with 400-600-1000 grit wet-dry sand paper. Finish sanding with a brown paper bag.
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