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Dealing with fuzzies

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  • Dealing with fuzzies

    Does anyone use the 3M flexible bristle discs in a Dremel to remove fuzzies?

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    Yes. I mainly use the white ones. But not for every situation. A knife or a burner works better in certain areas. I use them kinda as an over all think, like brushing with a denture brush or tooth brush.
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      Before the 3M Flexible Bristles came out I was using the gray scotch brite material the 3M sold on a mandrel. However, like any power sanding device you have to be careful that you don't remove wanted detail or add unwanted detail. Unless I come across a really bad piece of wood or leave an inordinate amount of fuzzies through my own incompetence, I currently use Doug Linker's method of aggressively brushing my carvings with a stiff bristled brush. I have a couple but when ever out with the wife looking at home goods I'm always on the lookout for an even stiffer one.


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        +1 for the stiff bristle brush and a wood burner.


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          I like Eddy-Smiles,, have the 3 m things, But I found that they kind of lose the particle's and MUST wear safety glasses. I have a couple cheep wire brushes from Harbor Fright, and they seem to "de feather" the cuts. So you brought up a new on to me, I have I don't know how many of those Dremel parts,, still in the package?????????????

          Cheers Chuck
          Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!


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            Yes, I use the 3M Bristle disks.

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              Caught myself yesterday removing fuzzies as usual. What I use is a double-edged straight knife. The blades can be arrow-head shape or long and skinny. Two vertical stop cuts into the corner then slide the flat knife into the bottom.

              Mine were made many years ago by a now deceased bladesmith. Look up Jamie Sharp and maybe even Herb Rice.
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                Originally posted by skip7083 View Post
                Does anyone use the 3M flexible bristle discs in a Dremel to remove fuzzies?
                Basswood and a few other kinds of wood like redwood is my favorite fuzz from outer space subject. Humidity makes fuzzies really bad and we have major tropical weather so the fuzzies pop out. In fact, is such a big problem here, that I stop carving basswood and went to hardwoods where fuzzies are not an issue due to the tight grain. I got various 3 M flexible discs and they did zero for me. Some people use and like them. I count them a waste of money and they sit in the bottle of my toolbox the last twelve years still have not found a useful way to use them on any kind of wood, and I do major experiments all the time with different woods. Meaning if I use any kind of bristle method often I will force those grain ends to pop up a lot worst on the wood. The bristle will fluff up the grain ends. I have tried various experiments trying to make the fuzzies appear like on a Santa hat. The method for cleaning fuzz, I have found sort of works is using those Dremel stones, I do stone basswood..., also a wood burning helps in lines and corners and you can scrape with a knife. Although I note one thing that seems to work really well on the fuzzy wood, is Dremel Silicon Carbide 15/16-in Buffing Wheel. I love the way it cleans but it is not long-lasting and too expensive to buy mass amounts of the wheels. On a note, if you do a search there are lots and lots of threads on this subject as it is an issue. Remember one thing about abrasives on some woods you must go with the grain and not against it as you do not want to pick up the end grain which makes more fuzz. On a note, I hate fuzzies with a mad passion and am rather anal about the whole thing...LOL
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