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    Originally posted by tbox61 View Post

    No, not real well, HOWEVER, I have availed myself of two things that are helping. One is a book entitled, Figure it Out by Christopher Hart I got at a Michael's store. Great information on how to draw a basic figure...I have actually done some drawings that were passable enough to work on for future caricature projects.

    The second is a simple little device called a Sketch Wizard from Crayola. You can make patterns from 3D items by using this little wonder. I have used it to make a small bear that I am using in a Nativity scene with bears...found a little bear that would make a great little Baby Jesus, and made the pattern with that thing. I found mine at Target for about $20...I see they are on Amazon for $26.99.
    That's kinda neat! I'll have to put that on my "nice to have" list in case I do end up needing it.
    Appreciate it.