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Any Tips on Carving Taper on Canes

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    Originally posted by Merle Rice View Post
    Hi Dogcatcher, That is some good Information and not to difficult to make. Thank you Merle
    Here is a challenge,

    This is a black powder barrel, it is octagon for part pf it, then transitions through what is called a wedding ring band and the barrel ends up as round. There is also a little carving below the transition. The "wedding ring" is the name that has been given to the band part. This was one of my always to do projects, but age, time and disabilities have kept it on the back burner.


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      That would be a Challenge but beyond me for the same reasons that you have. Thanks for showing it. Merle


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        Some clever setup would allow for tapering using a joiner or hand plane. I remember making tapered table legs in high school wood shop by putting one end on the outfeed table of a joiner and allowing the cutter to gradually remove wood to the opposite end. I don't think I'd want to do a freehand of this approach on a round, narrow stick!


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          The nice things about spokeshaves is that you can hear them sing in the wood, a hissing sound. As they go dull you can't hear them anymore.
          They don't throw any chips or dust at all. Long curly skinny shavings, almost coiled-springs. The entire process is not so fast that you can't "even it up"
          with a few more strokes on one corner to match the others.

          I timed it = a batch of a dozen spoons or forks took about 90 minutes each from the square blank stage to them cooling from the oven/oil process.
          I quit a couple of years back. Hindsight tells me that the big, 3-tined kitchen prep fork is a go-to tool for meal prep.
          Might settle down and crank out more of those forks. Cut more than enough birch blanks.


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            Do you have issues with the shavings curling up forward off the blade and getting caught under the front bar? Happens to me all the time and I keep thinking there's something I should know that would stop it happening.


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              HA! I'd forgotten all about that. Like a mosquito that you can't swat.
              The skinny kabab/sate' bamboo skewers make good picks and won't damage the edge.

              Suppose the stick end is clamped to the bench, most of it sticking straight out towards me, over the floor.
              I've got my left hand on the left handle. The fingers of my right hand are under the stick, I'll pull with my right thumb hooked over the right arm.
              As I recall, most of the time, my right thumb can keep the curlys from looping over the front. RH fingers pulling from underneath? I forget.

              Technically, I don't know how you could stop that entirely.
              I got many, many wads of shavings jammed in the mouth so the bamboo stick was never far away.