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    You are multi Talented, great looking knives!


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      saw blades huh, do you think a metal cutting blade from a sawzall would work and dont you have to re-temper themZ? I read someplace that saw blades are only tempered at the tips and if yor using them to make knives after you initally cut out the knife form you have to heat that blade up and when its red hot dip it in water or oil? any truth to that? or can you just cut it out and go from there if any of that makes sense.


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        Anytime you start reworking a piece of steel, you are adding stress to it. You may also lose the hardness, It is not hard to assure yourself of a good blade if the steel is of good quality to start with, after getting through with all of the modifications to the blade, bring it to a cherry red, and let cool in the air once. Then bring it to cherry red and dip it in oil, not water. I then heat it to 400° for about 2 hrs. Sharpen it and try it out.
        Bear in mind I have had no professional training, only what I have read and tried.
        . . .JoeB