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    Originally posted by Randy View Post
    TThere are always those times when we can't seem to avoid the working end of a knife or chisel. But I always have my small first aid pack with butterfly stitch strips. Glad your cut was not to bad Eddy. I have had two chain mail gloves and they were just uncomfortable to wear. The fingers were too long for my short hand. I found a Kevlar glove with leather covered palm and fingers that has worked well for me for some time.
    Randy... I wear a soft cotton glove inside of the stainless steel glove. It makes them a lot more comfortable and takes up a lot of the slack. My second glove arrived from Amazon the other day along with a knew leather carving vest. No excuses now!


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      I cant remember if it was E.J. Tangerman or Harold Enlow that said " you will most likely see a woodcarver holding their latest work in a bandaged hand"


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        Wood carving, commonly known as a "primped and politically correct" version of the middle ages practice of blood letting.



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          I'm trying a new glove - they are a little small, but I find foreign made gloves are always small. The gloves are made of "SuperFabric" the gloves are triple layered. Stain proof, snag proof and said to be able to pick up Cactus plants without problems. With that said, I bought a pair. Expensive, but not bad. I got mine from Garrett Wade as XHD safety Work Glove - USD 38.90 to me. I like my SS gloves and won't give up on them. But will use these from time to time and maybe use them outside with the tractor and yard work that they were designed for if the SS still hangs in there.