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    I am beginning to have a sharp shooting pain along the outside of my left thumb. This is the non dominant hand and does not respond to massage, stretching, or support glove. Any suggestions or should I have this checked by a doctor?

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    We assume you are asking if this pain is related to carving activity. It might help to have some information on what type of carving you do, tool in which hand, what you are doing with the injured hand.

    If this is your non-dominant hand, and you are knife carving (whittling) figures held in the injured hand, I suggest you find a way to clamp the work to a sturdy bench.
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      Very sage reply.


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        I use Lidacain patches for joint pain and it works. I get them from a Dr. but they are available over the counter...pharmacies and Amazon.
        Living among knives and fire.


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          Could it be that you're holding the wrong end of your knife? Sorry...I'm a smart***!

          I have pain in my thumbs and the heels of my hands every day because of arthritis...nothing to be done but treat the symptoms with pain relievers or just live with it. Hurts whether I carve or not, so I just grin 'n' bear it. I suspect that if this occurs only when you carve, then Palin's suggestion is on target. A doctor may help, but you won't know until you consult one and find out the cause of the pain and make an informed decision...emphasis on "informed." This is not a good place for medical advice...see a doctor if it's bad enough to interfere with your daily life.


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            Excuse me, is it a joke? I do not mean it, but that's not a medical forum. Or?

            When I drink coffee, I always have a sting in my right eye. My wife always says then, takes the spoon out of the cup.

            Please do not be angry, but I think your question is funny!


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     you do a lot of typing? Just wondering, as I am 56, and entered the workforce 34 plus years ago on the cusp of the computer age. I am finding I have the same challenges in my thumbs and the pad and palm of my hands.

              Docs have pretty well indicated it is carpal tunnel that will need to be taken care of in the next 5 years or so. Make sure you don't wait too long if something is pinching off a nerve. I have a co-worker that waited too long and the numbness she was experiencing has not gone away due to the nerve damage.

              Good luck!


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                Originally posted by Tasmandevil View Post
                Excuse me, is it a joke? I do not mean it, but that's not a medical forum. Or?

                When I drink coffee, I always have a sting in my right eye. My wife always says then, takes the spoon out of the cup.

                Please do not be angry, but I think your question is funny!
                You do not understand....medicine here has been going down hill the last 15 years. My specialist doctors told me ....if you want to get real help, you need to go to Europe and you need big money. I have no money. I have very serious bone diseases..... My experience is to talk to people who have the same issues and find out what they are doing besides taking tons of drugs, for diseases that can not be cured. Doctors have zero training in pain management and most of all diet, and they are not reading the medical journals. I have gotten more help from people on the net then I have from so called doctors.....43 of them can not agree on one problem. I find that rather insane..... The only way to get great care is to study the medical journals myself....and talk to lots of people on the I do not have the kind of doctors that you do. This issue with pain, is a major one....if the doctors find the real issues....can be rather a joke in itself. Most doctors here are nothing but surgery that does not cure the problems and fill you with so much drugs... that it is big chance that it will in the long run kill you. Another bad issue in the US that no one but people who study, read, learn and know about. Right now one of my thumbs is falling off the joint, ....go to the doctor....they pass you around from doctor to doctor and after they made big money off you....shake their heads,... no cures and the drugs they gave me ....caused damage to my organs. This issue he is talking about could be about ten different things....nine of them no cure. But like him .... I like to know what people are doing especially ones who are doing the same things I am. ... for example carving.

                So put down your coffee and put on a happy face that you and the countries around you have major science, better doctors, and more modern medicine then here.


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                  Well, I willing to help the member of this website with any info I can, of any scourge. I use Blue Emu for the joint pains that I have. We're all just a little different.
                  . . .JoeB


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                    Back to the source.... I have severe thumb pain.....carpel tunnel, arthritis and tendon issues. When carving>>>> I switch every ten minutes to half hour and stop all repetitive action. Meaning I switch knife sizes big is good, small handles are not so good, ....then go to power then switch to sanding or painting, then switch to chisels and so on. Repeating the same action over and over again is hard on the bones, the joints, and tendons and even ligaments. You have to stop every hour for at least ten minutes and rest the hands little to no movement Two do not stop exercising your hands with a various moments, not doing anything is a lot worst them mellow physical therapy they teach that exercise is a must,,, as most people pain equals zero movement...this is the worst thing you can do as you need muscle tone, plus blood flow. Pain, is management is done with diet lots of dark green vegetables and fruits..., warm but not hot heat, you must keep those joints at or around body temp.good fast relief running hot water over them for a few minutes. .... turmeric and ginger in tea, Chinese rub ons such as tiger balm help and white flowers, If your really start getting sharp pain in that thumb stop the movement and try later.... One thing that really gets the pain going is eating lots of meats which do inflammation of the system. If you have carpel tunnel it can be stop by shaking hands vigorously..... and movement of fingers and massaged.


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                      I know the problem with thumb pain when I carve with a hand knife.

                      Often this pain is caused by a knife with a very narrow back of the knife.

                      The back of the knife then presses too deep in the thumb.

                      That's why I bought carving knives from a small Swedish manufactory. These knives have a wider back. They do not press too deep in the thumb. They are all made of the best Swedish steel. Very, very sharp.

                      In the fingers of a human being, the most sensitive nerves a person has.

                      If you want, I can tell you where to buy these knives.

                      Best regards


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                        Non dominate thumb. Had the same issue. My fix was to round off the sharp edges / square edges on the back of all my knives. Sort of like a micro bullnose that is on chairs, benches
                        etc. The pressure point was no longer hurting my non dominate thumb as I use it to push the knife along. Pad of some kind could be used as well I think. I am not a Dr. though.
                        Carve On,