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    Originally posted by Dileon View Post

    I have the same issue have to beat the crap out of it, to make the muscles stop balling it up at times....they figure it is the joints not working like they should and really cause the muscles to act up like my hands are not the only joints that do this .....the feet are doing it now also and also legs. Yea it hurts bad. I do have finger and joint locking but it not the same thing at all. Doc says 20-minute ice packs on them if they are bad. If it lasts for a while...the muscles may tear so if you can not get it to is better than damage. Few incidents landed me in ER cause of the extreme pain...they always pack you in ice to stop the cramps. The best way to deal with it is to get it the minute they start to hurt... this is what I do now and it normally stops it.
    1. stopping any activity which is causing the hands to cramp.
    2. stretching muscles.
    3. massaging or rubbing the muscles.
    4. applying heat or cold.
    5. taking certain vitamins and supplements may be helpful,
    6. increasing fluid intake, not drinking enough water does cause cramps also......
    Ones I hate the most are ...ones that wake you up in the middle night yelling ouch...
    I heard something last week that takes care of cramps, and I didn't believe it myself until I tried it. I have been having fits with my right knee, and am probably looking at the 4th surgery on it coming up soon. If you watched any NFL football this season, you might have seen some players drinking pickle juice on the sidelines to alleviate cramps. Apparently, something introduced into your system that shocks your nerves, alleviate cramps almost immediately...including pickle juice or a teaspoon of mustard!

    A couple of nights ago, I re-positioned myself while trying to get to sleep and a rather large cramp hit my left calf...coupled with the ache in my right knee, it was excruciating!

    I hobbled to the kitchen, and took a teaspoon of about 1 minute, the cramp was gone, and the ache in my knee faded. It allowed me to get to sleep.

    From what I understand, the tartness of either the pickle juice or the mustard accomplishes this reset...sounds goofy, but you might try it!

    Good Luck!


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      ARGH!! Happened again last night. Scrubbing a pot. Held in my right hand, the scrub pad in my left.
      I felt the left hand start to go, could not hang onto the scrub pad at all. Profanity doesn't fix it.

      So far, it seems to happen only when I'm actively doing something with my hands.
      Brian T


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        Eric B
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