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    Jakob - Here is one figure carved by Max Keller of Oberammergau - a mountaineer rappelling (abseiling) on a rope - about 30 cm tall. Note that Max "signed it" on the backside with a knife.



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      I would further comment that "whittling" like other forms of carving can be defined by (1) tools used, (2) how the work is held, (3) if patterns are used, (4) unique forms of the result. For relief carving these may be (1) gouges & knife (2) clamped to bench or work surface (3) pattern usually required (4) a picture with some depth. For whittling the terms are (1) knife only (2) hand held (3) pattern optional (4) small, in-the-round figure, often with knife marks.


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        Enjoying yourself with a knife and a piece of wood.
        Whittle On,


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          Hello Pallin,

          Max Keller is an art craftsman from Oberammergau. The figure you are showing is very beautiful, and certainly carved by hand.

          I think she was not made with a knife but with sculpting iron.

          You can also see it on the hollow cut on the backpack.

          The figure is too big to be carved with the knife.

          Big figures are carved with sculptor chisels.


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            The tools remove the wood with the most efficiency.
            Big gouges (sculptor chisels) are better than little gouges and knives as the carvings get bigger.

            Here in the Pacific Northwest, the native carvers usually start with chainsaws on totem poles and story poles.
            The the gouges then the knives for details. Just a faster way to take off wood.


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              It could be that a pre cut out form was generated an then the carver took over and made a traditional climbing man in that part of the alps. We can buy pre formed bodies / eggs/ etc and make them our own easily in this country. That would give the copy people work to do and the final carver a shorter time to sale.


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                Originally posted by Tasmandevil View Post
                Hello Pallin, (re: carvings in Oberammergau)

                . . . If carved by hand, they would be very, very expensive.

                Viele Grüße
                I think the carving was in the range of 200 euros.


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                  looking at Pallin's pics- I finally understand the leather pants!


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                    Originally posted by Buffalo Bif View Post
                    looking at Pallin's pics- I finally understand the leather pants!
                    That's what they call a "dulfersitz" rappel. Mountaineers only use that in emergencies. Nowadays they use carabiners or other hardware to absorb the heat of rope friction while descending. LOL