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    Originally posted by honketyhank View Post
    I call myself a whittler. To me, the phrase "wood carver" implies an artist, or at least someone who is quite serious about his or her carving skills and results. "Whittler", on the other hand, implies to me a person who just enjoys entertaining himself or herself with a knife and a piece of wood. I, as a whittler, don't really care a lot about others' opinions of my whimsies. I suspect a "wood carver" probably does care, at least to some degree. ( But I do admit that I enjoy praise for one of my funny little chunks of wood.)
    i agree 100%......mack


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      AFAIK most things hand carved in Europe are done with gouges, not knives. It's mostly America where knives somehow became the carving tool of choice for many. In Europe the gouge rules. In fact if you look, Stubai and Pfeil both have lines of tools marketed here as Eurotools or a line of smaller "mallet tools". Woodcarver Ivan Whillock, whose son Chris is the importer for Stubai in the US, talked about the differences between the full size and smaller Eurotools and mentioned that the smaller l tools are sometimes used with light malleting, but we're really the tools of choice on smaller figures where one might want to hold the tool with one hand like a pencil grip.