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  • Shipping small carvings

    Hi guys.
    I'm pqarticipating in the 2018 ornie exchange and wanted to know the cheapest option to ship my carving (4.5 in tall 1 inch wide and not thick at all.) Would newspaper and normal envalopes work?

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    "Might...", but it's not a very good bet. At a minimum, I would use one of the padded envelopes such as

    When I mail off small carvings, I normally wrap them in bubble wrap and then put them in a small box (7 x 4 x 2 inches). I also put one of my business cards in the box with it, so (just in case) the USPS can send it back to me if the address label is destroyed.

    My wife is disabled and does most of her shopping via the internet. I save all the smaller boxes and recycle them to mail out my carvings. Still need to buy more, but they are not that expensive to buy in bulk. This is one that I buy Just $0.52 each when buying a pack of 25.

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      Dollar Tree store bubble wrap solves most of my shipping/packing needs. Plus I ship via USPS Priority mail...flat rate boxes.
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        Originally posted by woodburner807 View Post
        Dollar Tree store bubble wrap solves most of my shipping/packing needs. Plus I ship via USPS Priority mail...flat rate boxes.
        Same here, it is hard to smash the small flat rate USPS box whne stuffed with bubble wrap.


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          I got a box Saturday that had maybe 12" of heavy wrapping paper on top, then the box and a layer of sheet wrapping for the bottom. You guessed it - the bottom takes a beating and shattered the ceramic cooking pan lid that was on the bottom of the padded internal box. If half the paper were under or closed cell foam board it would have made it. On a small item - remember a bigger item can put the squeeze on it as it conveyors around the sorting building. Think waterfalls from one belt to another. Heavy box after a padded envelope is nothing if paper inside. Fragile item - it would not make it. That is my 25cent trip.


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            I want to re-emphasize the use of lots of bubble wrap and boxes. I ship everything from delicate electronics to my business wood made stuff, even overseas. Never had anything break for many decades. Lots of bubble wrap and decent boxes, like the Office flat rate boxes. Paper and newspaper do not work for any shipping protection.

            Yeah, beating the point to death.
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              It depends on how fragile the ornaments is. If I ship something that is flat and not too fragile I use padded envelopes (never had a problem). If it is larger or more fragile I use a box with bubble wrap. Like Claude said, you can get 25 boxes at a time that will run you around 0.50 cents each. I use 8" x 6" x 4" boxes that ship for around $3.60 on average.
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                When I shipped a lot I always used the USPS Priority Mail and their free boxes. I would place an order on the web site for various sizes and they would deliver them to my house FREE. There are free envelopes too.


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                  Sam is exactly right. I do the same thing to ship my small items. Go to the USPS web site, and they will send you boxes for free. An added bonus is that you can get the small flat-rate boxes that aren't available at the Office. Another option is to go to a grocery store or Walmart and get some small boxes, they are usually inexpensive, and if you mail them 1st class, postage is real inexpensive.
                  Good luck
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