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    Hi! What is the best carving glove for dexterity and protection?


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    Not really sure there is a "right" answer on this, as it's really a matter of individual preference. I use one with stainless steel threads, but find it a little slick, so sometimes I have to wrap the thumb and index finger with wimp-wrap. The knit fabrics will also catch on the pointy parts of my roses, so going commando or wrapping just my thumb/finger directly is an option. Main thing to remember is all gloves (with possibly a chain mail glove being the exception) are cut resistant, and not cut proof. Some beginners get a false sense of security when using a glove and think they can't get cut.

    What you're doing is also a factor.... if power carving, a leather glove is probably your best/only choice.... I'd advise to never use a knit glove.

    If you haven't already read this, you might check out this article:
    Old carvers never die... they just whittle away.


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      For carving,I wear cloth-lined leather work gloves from the local hardware store.
      Many reasons and protection is not one of them (cold, grime, vibration, etc).
      The dexterity is OK but something to get used to using.

      SS mesh and Kevlar offer good protection from slicing cuts but not from stab cuts.
      Cleaning fish all day, you can appreciate that SS mesh are easy to wash and bleach!
      SS mesh are cold. No other way to say it, politely.
      Brian T