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    looking for a carvers tool tote like this I don't want to make one but if someone had plans I might I would rather just buy one, I would even take a used one if someone ghas one hanging around I really gotta get organized or my wife is gong to take a snow shovel to my stuff and zip it will be gone,

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    p.s. refrain from pm unless you have to its one more thing to check andd often a repeat so whatever my email is if you prefer. thanks


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      Hide the shovel. Start wth a beat up Samsonite briefcase. Maybe 2 of them. Build the inserts with a glue gun.
      Fake the whole thing with cardboard to get to see what it would work like.

      I have 3 canvas gouge rolls made from my old blue jeans. Takes 1.5 legs each. Major tool box holds those.
      I built a wooden box and inserts to hold some sharpening stuff and maybe 15? crooked knives and a couple of adzes.
      I need another box for all the others.
      I bought an antique box to hold my planer knives, draw knife, some spoke shaves and other stuff.

      Brian T


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        thats a good thought


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          This is one I want to build for myself. Really like the concept carrying tools on the road.




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            Rickm, the tool tote you are looking for is sold at Been thinking about one for awhile now.


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              My tool box in P#3 is 2 pieces of 1/8" mahogany "door skin" and the 4 sides of 1 x 6 x 1/2" " poplar drawer side.
              No fancy corners. Made a square of drawer side and faced it with the door skin.
              Next, I ran it through the table saw to cut it in half. Added hinges and some latches and some brass side chains.
              The carry is a loop of some 5/8" nylon rope that I spliced back into itself.
              All the supports inside are mounted with a glue gun. The blue foam pieces work well but keep falling apart.

              That's about half the tools. 3 more adzes and 8(?) more crooked knives and other stuff.

              OK for storage but really poor for travel and the tools come loose.

              Brian T


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                I went a different route...I bought a Plano 758, 4 drawer tackle box for my tools. I can get all of my tools in, my carving apron, and associated stuff in one place.

                It is $45.00 here on Amazon.

                I bought mine at Cabela's and they matched the on-line price from Sportsman's Warehouse. Worth the $49.00 I paid.


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                  bell thats one i have been eyeing but he doesn't make the any more im looking for one ikr that but can't find anyone making them yet they are popular


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                    t box is that big enough and deeo enough for like gouge etc it looks like it has promise but im thinking a bigger one if they make one bigger


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                      Rick: if you go the tackle-box direction, they hold all kinds of stuff.
                      I suggest that you buy 2 or even 3 boxes to sort out the daily users from the rarely used.
                      My denim gouge tool rolls all look a little different for big, little and rare tools.
                      Brian T


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                        Originally posted by rickm View Post
                        t box is that big enough and deeo enough for like gouge etc it looks like it has promise but im thinking a bigger one if they make one bigger
                        The only thing it will not hold are the really long handled Henry Taylor V-tool I have and a Sculpture House Long bent gouge. The drawers are set up to hold the long handled OCC Tools gouges easily. I have those 2 tools in a long compartment at the front of the top drawer.

                        The top holds my FlexCut sets, carving apron, business cards, gloves, etc. I lined all of the compartments with tool box liner from Lowes.

                        You might go take a look at is really, really handy. The only knock on it is that it is heavy with all of my tools. I have a smaller bag I will use for vacations or an evening club meeting when I just take a couple of tools.

                        As far as organization goes, you can't beat this one!


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                          i ended up with this a bit large yes but i put it on wheels and as i also play guitar it serves dual purpose in that i can put wires and effect pedals and music in as well as the carving stuff. The material seems strong and the little plastic bins are a godsend so i have one for sharpening measuring items one for gouges one for knives and one for pictures and schematics etc. Haven't quite got it all figured as yet and maybe never will as im a disorganized slob but heres hoping it was a tossup between a previously mentioned desk or a tote ( which I have several) and this. My problem is I have totes etc, some I have made and designed and never end up using them to fruition as for some reason they don't work out. Most stuff ends up on the lamp table which earns lots of points withy wife - you bet