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How to stop smudging pencil marks

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  • How to stop smudging pencil marks

    I learned this tip from another carver and it really does work. After penciling in the design on a cane or carving, spray a light mist of aerosol hair spray over it. Takes just a tiny bit to dry and then I can have my hand resting on the project without smearing the pencil marks. Once I've carved my design, I simply rubbed a light sanding paper over it to easily remove the rest of the hair spray mist. It HAS to be aerosol--not a spray pump.

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    Hi Sammy , good Idea , I'll give it a try . I use Hair Spray to clean my Paint Brushes , Acrylic Paint . Merle


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      A new one for me, Sammy...thanks.
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        Excellent plan. BTW, isopropanol alcohol will dissolve dried acrylic paints. Clean my air brushes that way.
        Brian T


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          Hi Brian , Would Denatured Alcohol work too ? thanks Brian . Merle


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            I don't know if d-Alc would work or not. Maybe but really slow?
            The various alcohols have very different performances, I've used up to butanol (4 carbons).

            The airbursh store in Vancouver recommended isoprop. so I went that way.

            Finding aerosol hairspray in this little village is gonna be a chore.
            Usually, I work with dividers off a center-line and that's it.
            Brian T


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              Great info, thanks to all
              . . .JoeB


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                Hi Sammy, thank you for the tip, I haven't used hair spray in years, the spray that makes hair stiff? Like holding spray?



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                  Yes, just plain old hair spray. Aqua Net or just any cheap aerosol will work--the type that has the same type of button that spray paints use.


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                    Great tip, Sammy! Thanks for sharing!
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                      If you've ever watched any of Lynn Doughty's video's on painting, when his artist brushes get really clogged up under the ferules he gives them a good heavy dose of hairspray, works it in a bit then washes it out. It gets in there and dissolves all the heavy acrylic paint build up. Multi-purpose stuff.



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                        The very first thing to do with good* brushes for acrylics and watercolors is to let them soak in plain water for 20-30 minutes.
                        That allows water to get up into the hair in the ferrule which won't be replaced with paint.
                        I do that first while I look for the paints I want. Wet acrylic paint dissolves in handsoap and warm water.
                        Let those brushes dry point down. Make a rack.
                        * good as in $20- $100 each

                        I can see the hair spray working as well as isopropanol alcohol to clean an airbrush of dried acrylic paint.
                        Brian T


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                          Thanks for the paintbrush soak in water tip! Going to do it with my new brushes.