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  • Loading a new strop

    I made a new strop and am going to load it with green polishing compound. Then I remembered seeing some where that some people condition their strop with mineral oil before loading it.
    Is this a good thing to do or not?

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    What is the strop made of? Some carvers think that it is very important to have the honing compound evenly distributed all over the strop. The mineral oil might assist that but soften a leather strop at the same time. You never need that.

    I do not believe that is necessary. Well scribbled all over is good enough because, you will never exactly duplicate a honing stroke. They all overlap a little and that's enough.

    You will agree that its just about impossible when my strop is a tennis ball for the adze blades.

    When I know that I will be making new strop surfaces or recharging a strop with CrOx/AlOx (green), I put the lump in my shirt pocket, first thing. The carrier is some sort of waxy material. Warmed up from a little body heat, it spreads a lot more easily.

    Try it dry first. Try some carving. What do you think? Lots of putzing around to get what works for you.
    Brian T


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      Not something I ever done or heard of.

      What I think:
      I think, we overthink, the strop. We don’t need perfection just sharp enough to cleanly cut wood.

      Local club


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        , I use a bit of baby oil once in a while, not enough to soak the leather just enough to persuade the stropping compound to go on more evenly, My reasoning, your sharpening stones are smooth∙∙∙∙Again just my 2¢
        . . .JoeB


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          Ed: it isn't a matter of overthinking it, just a matter if finding a strop and honing technique that does just what you said: to get sharp enough for the carving.

          I believe that most everybody has tried a few things and settled on some technique that is easily done for what they need.

          I doubt that you will ever be honing with a tennis ball but some weeks, I do that many times each day.
          Brian T