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  • Humidor

    I recently posted a way to soften wood with mineral oil.
    The oil did soften wood however I personally didn't like how it took to paint.
    Other carvers suggested, besides the old tried and true 50/50 water/rubbing alcohol, to place wood in a water tight container with water soaked sponge, cloth, or paper towel.
    I devised a make shift humidor by confiscating a food container from my wife's pantry, cutting holes in a sandwich baggie, a couple of paper towels, and three strips of double backed carpet tape from a roll I had laying around.
    I taped the baggie on the underside of the lid and placed moist paper towels in it. Even though some of the baggie extends over the lid, there is still a tight fit.
    Now I can keep my pieces soft and more easy to carve.
    I hope this idea may help others.
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    MD, I like your set-up. Quite civilized, I hope it works well.

    Wood is really wet when it's fresh. Moisture content might run 35%. Here in the Pac NW, First Nations carvers often use fresh alder for masks. They store the carving (s) in bags of wet shavings between sessions. I know one carver that uses a small tub of water and some rocks. Carving wet wood is no big deal.

    Pretty much all my cedar blocks and posts are cracked to some degree. I'll just ignore them!
    Brian T


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      What about Boveda packs?
      Living among knives and fire.


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        Dang , all my pieces are so large of Bass wood that I need a Horse tank.
        And Bill that Boeveda idea is a neat one at that!
        Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!