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Problem Carving Too Dry Wood?

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    badfish: It's wonderful. An example to us all of a carving done in Purpleheart. You did it.
    The "up side" is that you learned a great deal about wood, about grain, about carving and purple heart in particular. Your next carving ought to feel "easier," yes?
    Brian T


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      Thank you Brian!
      I sure hope the next one will be easier. That little hunk of wood just about broke my spirit.. Even using the 50/50 water/alcohol mixture only made it slightly more workable.. I figure I'll give it to my Mom when the finishing process is done.. Even though the thing is ugly, she'll love it because I made it.


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        badfish: Dishes like that should be used for unique condiments for meals.
        As hard as they were to carve, so should their justice be on the table.
        They have earned a noble position.

        One night with Vietnamese Salad rolls, maybe a honey/garlic/HoiSin or a Crunchy peanut soy.
        Tomorrow, a heavily smoked Spanish Mediterranean sea salt (Matiz) for a little pinch on fish.

        Just remind yourself that African carvers seem to get along just fine, doing ebony and using broken glass instead of sand papers.

        Brian T


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          Carve exotic hardwood, some of it has to be fresh wood from a just-cut tree that is not dried out, easy to carve if wet, but dry forget it. I keep it in trash bags to keep it wet until work is finished. The worst thing about this method is cracking in work...which means a slow dry out after carved. So far no cracks...
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            I've carved a couple of spoons from purpleheart and it's a real bear to finish. Roughed them out with my Dremel, then sanded. Problem with power sanding is the Dremel is too fast - purpleheart is an oily wood, and a fast moving tool will turn it black in an instant. I also made a pair of earrings for granddaughter. She said she wanted purple hearts, so I made them heart-shaped out of purpleheart. Had to be hand sanded with small pieces of sandpaper so it didn't turn black from frictional heat.

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              So I am used to be in a humid winter but now I am on a long trip and getting my tools out to do some carving and had this problem, thanks for the tip, it has been a godsend, never had I had such issue (the perks of living in the rainforest)