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Center of dogwood flower tutorial

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  • Center of dogwood flower tutorial

    I was asked for greater detail on the tutorial carving the dogwood flower cross. I have both files in PDF and will send them upon request including email address.
    Flwr 03.jpg Draw circles in the center of the flower. Do not make anything symmetrical.

    Burrs.jpg I use a burning pen to outline spaces between the circles in the center of the flower. I suppose the carving could be done with a V tool ~ but it's time for me to bring in the power. I use my micro motor with a sharp pointed burr to start and a small round burr to widen in random areas. Use burn lines to guide. Remember you are making spaces not fine lines.

    center.JPG Once the cuts are deep enough, I use an very small burr to widen the bottom of the cut. This will make the flower stalks stand wider at the top as they should. Since it is difficult to keep the burr even ~ I go back to my burning pen and burn the bottom of the spaces.
    I use the sharp burr pictured above to make the indentations in the top of the stalks.

    Flower center paint.JPG Use sandpaper to go over the center of the flower and round off sharp corners of the stalk. My first step in painting is to be sure that burn lines are concealed. I do this by going over the flower with Golden's Watercolor Ground white. I use Sap Green to get a base coat between the stalks. This is followed by Permanent Green Light to darken the spaces.

    The tops, and a little of the sides of the tops, are painted using Cadmium Yellow Medium.

    The center of the flower is finished by putting a small white spot (gouache white) on top of each stalk.

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    A super job, Paul


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      Thanks for passing that info on Paul. Always nice to get the inside scoop on these how-to's.



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        You do amazing work Paul. Thanks for sharing with us.

        Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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          Thanks you Sir
          . . .JoeB