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  • for what it's worth

    I don't consider myself much of a carver, call myself a whittler in fact and hide behind that title as an excuse for doing pretty simple figures. The ornaments for this years exchange are no different. here's a quick look at a herd of little reindeer I did.

    Not only am I not much of a carver, but I'm not much of a teacher either. I did write a blog post to try and show the thought process I go through, along with some tips on how or why. I hesitate to post about it here, but maybe someone out there can get some use out of my ramblings.
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    Geez, Brian, I have disagreed with you. I thought your ornament, was a good carver ornie!
    . . .JoeB


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      Awwww... this sounds like something I’d post.
      They look pretty good to me
      You shouldn’t put yourself down like that
      You’re worthy of better treatment


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        I see nothing wrong with these. Great job and very appealing. Simplistic is good, gives beginning carvers something to aspire to and for those who have a bit more experience under their belts, it makes a quick carve for gifting to someone for a special occasion or as a thank you. As a matter of fact, if you don't mind, I'd like to try a couple of these myself. Should put a smile on someone's face for sure. One more thing, do you have a pattern for these that you might be willing to share? With the great photo provided, it should be relatively easy to come up with a pattern myself but I've got an acute bout of laziness that's descended upon me. I blame it on Christmas PTSD.



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          I think the reindeer look great, especially your stylized antlers. Very well done!

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            Thanks for the kind words. I'm just being honest with myself and the world. I might whittle something with eyes, someday. Not today. Harley Refsal wrote in one of his books that he strove to show as much detail as possible with the fewest number of cuts. I might be taking that to an extreme.....

            Tinwood, whittle away. Here's a photo of my pattern- lines on the paper are 1/2" apart and indicate grain direction in the block. It's as simple as my whittlings. Overall the pattern fills a 2.5"x4.5" block, I used blocks one half inch thick. Copy the photo to your desktop, you should be able to zoom in or out until it fits the size you want. I have a see through ruler I use for just such a thing. You can trace from your computer screen once you get it sized right, go lightly with your pencil to avoid damage to your screen.

            If you make one, or more, please post. I'd love to see what someone else might do with them.

            Joe, Nikki, I had A LOT of fun carving these, and the exchange was a hoot as always. Thanks.

            Claude, the antlers were fun, and made me laugh. I threw away two for every set that worked.
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              Brian, simple is sometimes best. You have a nice, clean design there.

              It's important to remember why we carve...because we like to, so we just need to please ourselves. By the way, your tutorial is clear and well presented...Well done!


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                Those are good. Stylish and good.
                I see a HUGE amount of confidence to make such bold, sweeping surfaces. Not me.
                Brian T


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                  Hi Brian ,I like them all. Nothing to be Ashamed of , in fact you should be proud of them, I would. Like the way you did the Antlers also . Merle


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                    Love those ornaments! Great carving style with the large flat planes.


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                      I like the ornaments and I like your writing. Good blog. Good website.


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                        It's not very often, I get a chance to observe
                        A carver poo-poohing his work to throw us a curve.

                        He should know his 'whittling' is up to the mark.
                        His figures are great. His deer show a spark.

                        He even quotes Refsal, the sage from the west.
                        If he can do that, his work is the best.

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                          Those deer are pretty cool


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                            Nicely done and really like the flat plane style.
                            Living among knives and fire.



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                              You guys are too much. thanks.

                              Rodster, you were doing great until you had to rhyme with 'west' Poetic license, I guess.