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how to do silver wire inlay.

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    Hi rraposo Glad to be of some help. This is what the site is all about. Sharing information and ideas so we can all grow our skills in our chosen fields.

    I find the forum awesome for this. Look forward to seeing what you do with this hehehehe

    Hi Dogcatcher
    never thought od bezel wire. Might look into that though I have 10m of stirling silver ribbon on hand so that will last a while.

    Thanks for the thought.

    Cheers Glenn


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      Wow , such a wealth of information and to see it go from a demo on particle board, to showing us a finished project on a gunstock is impressive. I would like to play around with it a bit, looks like fun. Too many house projects going so it will have to wait a while . I was just wondering if anyone else has given it a go.


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        Dont know if any of the guys on the forum have had a go but you can find a lot of it on google if you type in silver wire inlay on gunstocks. Also Track of the wolf have some nice photos of it on their gun kit photos.


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          At the moment I have not much time to read all of the stuff in this forum and i often just get a light shimmer of all of the treasures in here.
          This topic is one of those. I hope i will remember it and say a lot of thanks to all of the comments here and also the origin post.
          Thanks for sharing.
          If you don't like to call me wasserretter call me Dirk


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            Hi Dirk
            You are most welcome. hope you have a go and it works well for you.