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Beginner projects: Old Shoe and Hillbilly

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    Excellent carvings! I love 'em! Harold Enlow would be proud!
    Keep On Carvin'
    Bob K.

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      These are two very well done carvins Dave. Took a look at your site, and your flowers are really nice also. You have a very talented group of carvers there.

      If I took the time to fix all my mistakes, I wouldn,t have time to make new ones.


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        Thank you, Tom. I appreciate it.
        Old carvers never die... they just whittle away.


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          Thanks for sharing


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            Thanks for sharing. A great presentation with good pics. Nice site too.
            James Richards


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              Re: Beginner projects: Old Shoe and Hillbilly

              Hi Dave ,

              Both are looking great , I went to your club page to take a look as you mentioned a Projects tab.
              Cant find a Projects tab on you site .
              Any help appreciated .

              Regards from Scotland, Callum

              EDIT - sorry Dave I found the link in your sig at bottom of post, I was using your Ozark page link.
              All is good, regards, Callum
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                Dave very nice job on the class project pieces, brings back old memories of when i first started and used to visit the Carving Barn in the Silver Dollar City.


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                  Well done on both, Dave!

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                    That is a coincidence! I'm just carving this hillbilly following the tutorial. Two versions: a little and a great one. I force myself to use only the BrandantR / Old stump knifes. So I really get used to them. I do is with all the knifes I buy. Put the "used to " knifes away and only use the new ones so they will not be put a side in the future. Join a foto of WIP in "WIP".
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                      Originally posted by Mark N. Akers View Post
                      ..... used to visit the Carving Barn in the Silver Dollar City.
                      I liked to visit the "Barn" too. Got my start woodcarving after an inspiring visit there in the late 70's.

                      Carvers are no longer at Pete's Sawmill (the old Valley Road Woodcarvers). SDC had the Woodcarvers and the Christmas Shop change places 6 - 7 years ago. The woodcarvers are now located up the hill from the Saloon. It's now called Valley Woodcarvers. I've been carving there for four years. Lots of fun!


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                      Old carvers never die... they just whittle away.