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Painting/Finishing Carving on Cherry Wood

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  • Painting/Finishing Carving on Cherry Wood

    I had some old pieces of cherry that I have been using to try my hand at a bit of carving. I have done a few carvings that I think are pretty good and would like to paint and finish. How would I go about this? I'm presuming acrylics are the paint of choice but i'm not sure if primers or finishes are used? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I don't know what you've carved, but with cherry, never had any, I would think a natural finish to bring out the rich color.
    . . .JoeB


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      Cherry is one of my favorite woods to carve, mainly because of the finish you can get. I usually do some burning on the wood and use a mixture of Boiled Linseed Oil (50%), Turpentine (25%) and Gloss Spar Varnish (25%), flood this on the wood, wipe dry and let set 24 hours, then repeat, as many times as you can. Cherry also holds paint well, oil or acrylics and the mix works right over the paint.

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