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    Can anyone offer a suggestion. I have carved a cottonwood bark light house. It is all one piece. I carved in the lamp. Any suggestion for what color to use for the beacon light illumination from the lamp? I was thinking a couple different yellows but am unsure. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    I'm not an expert on painting but I thing you're on the right track with some different yellows and perhaps a little white. I suggest you take a look at some photos of painted lamps and lighthouses for ideas.
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      My suggestion is to go look at a Thomas Kinkade wife collects them and he was dubbed 'The painter of light'. The look of the light coming through the windows from the houses he paints is unreal! I am looking at one right behind my desk now. It looks like he uses a bright yellow, some white and some orange.

      Good luck!


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        Hi Geo, everyone have given you good suggestions. I would practice on a sheet of waterproof paper or ceramic plate first. Practice mixing light yellow, medium yellow with white adding bits of orange until you see a light beam color effect. The color will be brighter closest to the base of the light and defuse as the beam widens. As others have suggested look at paintings and pictures of lighthouses. The simpler you keep it the better for the effect. Good Luck
        Remember it will have a lighter and darker side of the sphere.


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          Thanks everyone. I messed around with it a bit. Could not get the yellow and oranges to my satisfaction. Figured the problem was that being that the lighthouse is essentially in the round it wasn't working out being in the round with those colors. I looked at some paintings that you all suggested and noticed on several that when you looked directly at the lamp that the beacon was more intense, which makes sense. So I ended up doing a base of white and then went back with a cobalt blue and white mix, very light and painted the edges of the lamp with that for the glow. I think that I like that.

          Again I appreciate you all steering me in the right direction!
          Merry Christmas!


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            George, Would love to see pictures of your lighthouse in the round.


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              will do. finishing it now so it'll be a day or two


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                Here it is. Still not sure about the color of the beacon but it'll have to do with this one.


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                  Does this help?



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                    It does. Thanks.