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    I thought I would share this with y’all. It might help you if you decide to make you one. I was carving some comfort birds and smaller carvings like ornaments. When it came time to put a finish on them I was always trying to find a safe place to set them during the drying process. I first made a small one out of scrap wood and drove a few nails through it, enough to hold a couple of pieces. As time went on and I needed to speed up the process I made this one to hold a good 5 or 6 pieces. After applying the finish I just rest them on the nails and it doesn’t interfere with the coating of the finish as it dries.

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    Great idea Cedar, will probably be building one, besides when not in use for a drying rack, looks like it could be one heck of a back scratcher
    . . .JoeB


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      Steve, I've used a similar board for years and it works well. I was inspired to make one after seeing little plastic pyramids for sale, at a ridiculous price for what they are, for the same purpose. I seldom buy something without first considering if I can make a version myself.

      I use roofing nails for a couple of reasons: 1) They are the right length (i.e., short); 2) They have extremely sharp points; and 3) I had a bunch on hand with no further use since I had a steel roof installed. Most important reason is #3.


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        Excellent idea Steve, I use a similar set up, just some scrap pieces of plywood with nails driven through and it works like a charm. Yours is prettier!

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          Thanks guys. JoePaul, if you’ve never used something similar you will like it. I knew I wasn’t coming up with anything new, but glad it might help you.


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            Great idea! I made one 100 years was so small it only held one carving!
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              Good idea and easy to make. I put small screw eyelets in the bottom and hang them from paper clips to dry.
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                My drill press sits on the left end of my workbench. I swing the vise on the drill press table to the side, then clamp a 1/4 inch dowel in vise. For small carvings such as little birds, I then stick a straight pin into the bottom of the carving about 1/4 inch, then hang it from the dowel with a clothespin. When I am doing Christmas ornaments, I put a small eye hook in the top of the ornament before painting, and then hang the ornament from a paper clip that is hooked over the dowel. IMG_6179.jpgIMG_6189.jpg
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                  I have not seen that idea before and absolutely love it. I'll be making one for myself now. Thanks for posting it!