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    My Frien's painting has just become much easier for me. I was online ordering some watercolor accoutrements when an AD for waterbrushes popped up ~ with an illustration of them being used for painting flowers and even calligraphy. Intrigued, I did some research ~ found that they come in preloaded colors or as empty brushes allowing the artist to mix their own inks or paints.

    I ended up ordering a package of 6 from a company called Azteca. I decided to fill a block of basswood with my practice work. AMAZING! My first effort was beyond my hopes. I used one of the larger sizes to make lines, brush marks and even spots ~ that I will need in painting my barn owl.

    Easy to use ~ just load the barrel with water (I use a hypodermic syringe), dip the nylon tip in paint mix from my palette, gently squeeze the barrel as the paint is applied. A little more practice and I will be ready for painting made easier.
    IMG_1032.jpgWater Brushes.jpg1st practice.jpg

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    Paul, do you find that you get better results with this, or is it just easier, or perhaps merely different than traditional?


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      Further to Arthur's request Paul, how easy is clean-up?



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        These pens make it easier in some respects and pretty much the same in other as do traditional brushes. The larger brushes are little different than regular brushes. It's the fine ones that really make the difference. Making a fine line with a "liner brush" takes a lot of practice and control. Making a fine line with the water brush is more like using a pencil. The result, if done properly, is the same though. I want to make some spots on the owl. Doing this with a traditional brush requires control of brush pressure and amount of paint. It is so much easier with the water brush.

        Clean up is very easy. Just unscrew the "brush" from the barrel and clean it as you would any brush. The barrel, of course, just needs emptying of water.

        I was amazed at the amount of control I had when I first started practicing. The marks you see on the wood is the very first paint I laid down with the water brush and it is less than 10 minutes work. Most of this time was in changing brushes and cleaning the used one. I still have not tried "wet" paint. I never use paint straight from the tube in a single color.

        One nice thing about watercolor is drying paint on the palette is not a problem. My palette was dry and there was a mix of colors on it. I used a hypodermic needle to load the tube, screwed the brush part on, dipped it in clean water, rolled it over the paint dried on my palette, and started painting. It takes a gentle squeeze of the tube to make the paint flow. Clean up was simply running tap water over the brush part until clear.

        The only thing concerning me about my mixes when wet is that I usually paint with washes. I am going to have to "play" with the consistency of paint mixes. But, I am hoping that dipping the paint brush in water, then in my mix, will make it the same as when I paint with a regular brush.

        So far, these things are going to be my "go to" for fine line, and close to the edge painting. Still plan on large brushes for bigger areas.


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          so is this a amazon thing or did you order it from the company direct i think this has some merit


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            Rick, we live 18 miles (one way) from the nearest shopping. When I want to order something, I first look for it online, once found go to Amazon and see if it is "Prime". I know that prime membership is expensive but Diana and I recover the cost within two months by saving shipping cost. The UPS trucks are in here once a week or so. The danger to prime is ordering things that you don't really want but saw online.

            This does not happen often as we are used to staying with what we need. Our credit card is also through Amazon which gives us a saving of at least 2% on every use. I even use the card for soda and a snack at the gas stations.

            This item was $9.99 "Amazon Prime". I assume that there would be 2/3 of that cost added as shipping from the manufacturer.


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              lovin amazon tanx


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                I ended up ordering a package of 6 from a company called Azteca.

                Okay Paul, I've been on Amazon looking for these dang things and can't find 'em! I've found some by a company called Arteza and by a number of other companies who sell water brushes but none with the sizes shown in your photos. Do you have a link that you could provide?



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                  Searching Amazon found this