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  • Paint in a high polish

    I am finishing a Whale, and want to finish it in black, wood is bass..I have found on this particular pile of wood that I have, I can burnish the wood. Will that help? And then what paint should I use.? As a "non-painter" ..
    Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!

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    Personally. I would give the wood a coat of sanding sealer, sand, coat with shellac, rub down with crumpled Kraft (brown bag) paper, then spray paint with a high gloss paint to give it a wet look.

    No doubt you'll get many other approaches that will give excellent results..."more than one way to skin a cat" principle.


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      All wood can be burnished. It can help in certain areas to remove straggly bits also. But I don't think it will help the paint to adhere and it probably won't help the final finish be a high polish. But it certainly helps to get to a smooth finish if you want a high polish. And it is always good to practice your techniques on scrap wood. After smoothing, if I was doing it, I would spray it with water and then apply washes of black acrylic paint to the desired color. Painting on damp wood helps you blend the paint and see what it will look like with a finish. Dry it with a hair dryer to set the color. Note that the colors will now appear chalky but they will return to the original brilliance when the finish is applied. You can also spray it with water again to see what the final appearance should be. When it is dry, buff it with a brown paper bag as water and the paint will raise the grain of the wood and the bag will smooth it off. I prefer to brush on polyurethane and let it soak into the wood. Multiple coats will make the finish shinier and you can also apply it with a cloth and polish it in to small sections at a time. Finally, you can also apply a paste wax and buff it. Again, try these techniques on scrap first to see if you like them and know how to apply them!
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        Paint with artist's black acrylic. Maybe need 2 coats to get opaque.
        For an overcoat, buy a bottle of "high gloss" medium.
        The brands do not have to match.
        This is essentially paint with no color.
        Two coats of it will give you water-wet glossy.

        I carved a pair of approx 30" Ravens to be installed outdoors.
        I used outdoor gloss trim black house paint from the hardware store.
        Very happy with the finish.
        Brian T


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          Thanks ALL, I have been whelmmmmmmm, and told. You guys . I will keep this post for reference.
          Always hoping for a nice slice that won't need sanding!