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paint problem number 5

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  • paint problem number 5

    I have a liuttle bear I want to paint and he is about 1 inch so i dont have a lot of room to work and what I want or the direction Im going is to incise lines with a v tool then paint those incisions black and then go over all the fur with a light wash of brown, the idea being to let the black lines show thru the black is this even possible or wil the brown wash out the black lines? I guess Ill have to water the brown down somewhat, I could burn those lines i guess but dont want to I wont end up with the effect I want I think so if someone has a idea let me know, thanks,

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    Can you incise lines be burnt in?
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      Rick, your idea will work, but instead of watering down the brown paint, how about using some acrylic medium. I first learned of this from Brian, on this forum, and it is wonderful stuff. The more of it you mix with the paint, the more transparent the paint becomes. This could give you a nice overlay without adding water to your carving, that might require sanding. Test on scrape, always suggested.


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        You can also paint the black, then dry-brush the brown on the "ridges" of the texture.

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          If you incise the lines, then seal the entire carving, gel stain can be brushed into the lines and wiped off the rest of the carving. The overall color would be applied and allowed to dry before the gel stain. Here is an example of the technique used on a relief carving: The brown color in the incised letters is gel stain. It was applied in and around the letters, then wiped off.

          alphabet 003.jpg