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  • pain storage box

    what is everyone using? I have tried tackle boxes, tool boxes etc but because paints come in all sizes plus the brushes and various other things everything get filled up really quick and is always a mess. I have looked around at amazon etc but not finding anything that really would fit the bill

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    Rick, I use a cloth bag and just toss them in there and remove the ones I will need for a carving, then they go back in the cloth bag. Yeah, not elegant and no organization.
    Living among knives and fire.


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      Don't I WISH I could just put my pain away in a box and forget it!


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        I inherited a medium, hard-shell suitcase (yeah, a suitcase!!!) .
        That was Dad's paint box. Jars of acrylics, no sissy 4 oz tubes.
        His palette was a 12x12 piece of 1/4" plate glass. Brushes to 4" wide.

        I made good money painting watercolors.
        I'd sell them straight off the block to tourists.
        Regular fishing tackle box was plenty big enough for my paints, brushes, etc..

        To answer your question:
        You need at least 2 different tackle/tool boxes for your painting stuff.
        Divide up the materials into what you mostly use and what you rarely use.
        Go shop for boxes of the sizes that you know you need. Different sized ones.
        If they're on sale, buy a third box. . . . the time will come.

        Brian T


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          Hi Rick , I just put my Paint on a Shelf , that way I can see the Colors that I want and can read the Labels , ( Partially Colored Blind ) . Merle


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            Recommend letting go of your pain Rick!......


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              I keep my paints in cookie tins (most left over from Christmas treats) in a drawer, brushes stand in mugs on the shelf that runs across the back of my bench.


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                I use 38 gal totes for everything. In 1 are paints that are in separate boxes, metallics, heavy acrylics, matte acrylics, then the small tubes are in separate containers or clear bags, oil paints, and such so I don't make a mistake and grab the wrong type of paint. My mediums are in a separate box too, brushes for oil, acrylics and so on.