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Burning lines with BLO?

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  • Burning lines with BLO?

    Hey there! I have gotten ahead of myself. I have applied the BLO to my carving and am getting ready to paint it (which I always dread). I am now thinking that I would like to try to burn in some lines to help keep paint lines in place, etc. Is it a bad idea to burn after the BLO is on or is it OK? I would really not like combustion, psychedelic images, etc.entering my carving area!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Plan 'B' would be to cut lines with a knife to act as dams for the paint.
    Once set/dried, you use a skinny blunt stick to burnish the lines shut again.

    I guess it depends on whether you want burnt black lines between paint colors.
    Will a pyro line stop paint flow?
    If your paints are viscous enough, they ought to sit and not flow beyond where you apply them.

    I have used my branding iron and burned into 4 coats of MinWax Tung Oil Protective Finish.
    Worked like a charm.
    Keep your beak out of the smoke.
    Brian T


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      Hi Jim , I would say that it is not a Good Idea to do Burning after using BLO . The Fumes would be Strong and not Healthy . Maybe doing it Outside , you could get by that way . Over all not a Good Practice. Merle


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        Be like throwing a pine knot on the camp fire! Might work but then again it may work to well!


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          Well, Jim that will probably be toxic, but if you must do it, then outside or inside with lots of ventilation. One time is probably OK but you don't want to make a habit of it. BTW, even some woods are toxic. Good luck.
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            I agee with not burning the BLO. I would consider just finishing the project with the BLO as a natural finish. If your detail is deep there will be contrast in the carving. below the hat I used oil.


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              you can paint over blo?


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                Thanks everybody....I won't try it. I guess just the fact that I asked the question indicates that I may have known the answer!
                rickm, I can't really paint over anything!!!!


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                  Rick: Yes you can paint acrylics over BLO. I took a class from Wayne Shinlever and he used my Santa for the demo. He tied a string on it, then dunked it in a gallon of BLO that he had added a bit of burnt umber oil paint to. He let it sit for 30 seconds or so, then took it out and blotted it with a paper towel. We then went back inside and he proceeded to paint a well-diluted wash of acrylic paint on it. Obviously, the BLO had not dried yet. I think he mentioned that the BLO helped keep the acrylic from soaking in or spreading where he didn't want it.

                  Jim: If you want to paint it, take a scrap piece of the same wood cut a couple of grooves, lines, etc. in it, apply BLO, then paint a couple of the colors you'll use on it and see if they spread across the line.

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                    If you feel you must burn in some lines, use a knife edged burner tip, with the unit on low.
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