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    I'm hoping someone can help me find a chart, or website, or any other source that I can use to mix various colors to use while painting my carvings. I'm familiar with the basics, ie: yellow+ blue= green,etc. But would like to be able to mix colors that go beyond that, such as auburn coloured hair or hazel coloured eyes etc. A couple of years ago I picked up a " colour wheel" thinking that was going to be some help but it wasn't what I was looking for. It is fine for showing which colors are complementary and contrasting, but doesn't tell me which colours to mix to get those various colors.
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    I picked up a book called : " Acrylic Mixing Directory, A Visual Guide to More Than 2500 Mixes and Glaze Effects" by Ian Sidaway. It should still be available via Amazon. It should help.

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      Hi Wayne, this might help...
      but you can make your own charts too, just note how much of each color you used, like 1 prt cad red, 2 prt vert. green, then show the result. I made several pages with oil paints and it was very useful.


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        Despite my believes that it is a mortal sin to paint a wood carving. This video makes sense. I will require thinking but it works. Good luck and may your higher power have mercy on you.
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          Wow!..... that didn't take long . Thanks fellows, I'll check those sources out over the weekend.
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            I like to paint in the simple colors which are seen usually in the art and carvings of the Pacific Northwest.
            The pallet changes, depending on the regional source(excellent clue to origins.)
            Usually, the paints are accents with a varying surface area of exposed wood.
            Think Haida (North Coast) totem poles.

            Get a color wheel from Opus Framing in Vancouver, BC Maybe even from Dick Blick.
            You can mix anything and everything from Yellow, Cyan and Magenta. No kidding.
            = = =
            If you're looking for "people" colors, best place might be Dinair.
            Dinny got started doing mortuary/open casket makeup and moved on the F/X and Fantasy work.
            Must have been 25(?) years now. Pretty fancy airbrush renderings.
            Brian T


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              Here's a conversion chart that might help:

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                I've had this hanging on my wall for the longest time. I can't say I've honestly used this--maybe once or twice. I don't know where I got it. It's pretty much self explanatory.

                The quality isn't the greatest. I took a photo of it. But here it is.
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