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Restoring Chainsaw Bear

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  • Restoring Chainsaw Bear

    Looking for advice: Is this bear still able to be restored? If so what do people recommend? Sand then refinish?

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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    Use a wire brush to clean it. I worry sometimes if the original colors were really necessary in the first place. It looks old and weathered. I like that. What's the justification for any kind of finish? Most outdoor stuff goes off in a couple of years then you try again. Indoor stuff needs vacuuming.

    Sorry. Really in a rainy west coast frame of mind tonight.
    Brian T


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      This use to be the base to an indoor glass top coffee table, but was kept in the shed after downsizing. We were hoping to restore it to be used as a table again.


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        As Brian suggested I would use a steel brush to lighty clean off the surface followed by light sanding the rougher areas. I would not attempted to re paint it either. Then I would give two or the coats of a dryig oil, 100%Tung oil, linseed oil or a Danish oil. Once the oil you choose drys well you can add a coat of a urathane if you wanted to. I would chose the tung oil. but be sure to read about the application and the drying time. Tung oil can take days to dry depending on temp and humidity,should dry between each coat.


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          There are some interesting parallels to this recent discussion: https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated...on#post1182719
          There is the matter of appearance, but also the question of structural integrity. Many responders preferred the patina of weathered wood, so I have not done any re-carving, but I have found it necessary to strengthen the cross-grain parts around the edges.
          If this chainsaw bear is going to support a heavy glass top, the structural strength & stability must be considered.


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            I found this:

            Danish oil is easier to use than tung oil because it penetrates wood faster and it also dries faster than tung oil. On the other hand, tung oil cures to a very hard and beautiful, golden finish, which is often worth all the trouble of applying it. Jan 2, 2019.

            I would also use a softer brass brush to clean the carving, just a little more gentle.

            Again my 2ยข
            . . .JoeB


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              Thank you all for the suggestions!

              Pallin- good suggestions, the piece is structurally very sound.

              JoeB & Randy- I will give it a shot and update as I get results