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Can I darken wood after applying tung oil?

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  • Can I darken wood after applying tung oil?

    I had finished up a piece for a client, I applied a single, but thick, coating of minwax tung oil finish, wiped off after about 15 mins.

    It's been about a week now, since I applied the oil. I delivered the piece and a couple days later she's asking if I can darken the wood. Sanding may present a problem, as there are lots of voids present. Picture attached so you can see what I'm working with.

    I appreciate any insight that anyone has to offer.
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    James, tung oil finish is not the same product as tung oil. From what I read on it, it would have to be sanded in order to be stained. There is one other idea you might want to try out on some scrape. Look into the minwax polyshades. This product is a polyurethane and stain in one. I had some cabinets made for my motor home that didn't match my existing cabinets closely enough. They had been sealed with a poly. This product worked very well for me, and it still showed the wood grain under it. It is just a thought, but experiment first.
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      Tung oil finish is not the same a tung oil. Most are a polyurethane finish with a tung oil base. I would use polyurethane with added trans tint for the color. The wood is seal so the color will need to be added to the top. The nice thing about poly with trans tint is you can keep adding layers until you get the darkness you want.
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