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Painting and sealing question

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  • Painting and sealing question

    Tried to find my answers using the Google but find much conflicting info.
    My questions is, what do you guys recommend for sealing my carvings. I assume I should do something.
    right now I have carved little 2 and 3" caricatures out of basswood and painted them with acrylic paint. What should I seal them with, if anything...or should I seal them before painting?. Not sure if I want something real glossy but being new to this I really dont know what my options are.
    As usual, thank you for any help.

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    Hi Bejay, I use Poly U, Satin on all my Carvings. I feel it gives them a little protection from Chipping and Fading . I then put a lite coat of Wax , gives a Smooth feeling . Might look a little Glossy at first but Dulls down after awhile . Merle


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      I start with a polymerizing oil and after that cures seal with polyurethane and never ever ever put paint on a my wood carvings.
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        Bejay999: Do your acrylic painting. For a top coat, use the acrylic compatible "medium,"
        You can buy matte, satin and gloss. As a varnish and for dilution acrylics for better painting than diluting the paints with water.
        Brian T


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          Thanks for the answers, guys.

          Brian T: not sure I quite understand. I will paint with acrylics and then there is a acrylic compatible "medium" I can put over the top? And that comes in different finishes like satin or gloss etc. And that is also a sealer? Assume that would be available where I bought my acrylics.
          thanks guys
          Robert J


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            The "medium" is essentially paint with no pigment in it.
            Matte, satin or gloss when it dries transparent.
            Best choice for thinning acrylics instead of water. Water is for washing brushes.
            Pretty everybody makes them: Stevenson, daVinci, Binney, Grumbacher, even Speedball.
            Mix and match is OK. You do have to cut them about 10% with water if you are airbrushing.
            Brian T


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              There are almost as many recipes for painting and sealing as there are carvers just keep experimenting.