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    Has anyone used MinWax Wood Hardener?

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    Yes I have. I used it to stabilize the punky core of an small stump I was using for a base. Took forever to dry enough so it didn’t smell like chemicals. What are you hoping to use it on?
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      I'm thinking of using it on some of my smaller carvings to toughen them up before they are painted.


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        Originally posted by Stevee View Post
        Has anyone used MinWax Wood Hardener?
        Yes, quite a bit lately, as a matter of fact. One of my other hobbies is tying flies. I have been making some bass and blue gill poppers from balsa wood. After I have them carved, sanded, and super glued to the hook, I dip them in the MinWax hardener.

        It makes them super hard, and they dry within an hour or two. I can then paint and apply my finish.

        The only gripe it have is that you shouldn't get it on anything like a table or is super sticky, and stains concrete. It is also pretty spendy for 16 ounces...around $13.00 or so.

        It does work well, though!


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          Thanks for the input. I think this will work exactly the way I had hoped.


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            I have used wood harder, various kinds on impossible to carve woods in order to shape them. It made the wood stable enough to work on once dry...., especially in the sponge-type grains. It is super hard to carve these kinds of woods and do get some pop off....but it works. I spray mine after with lacquer. Still stable after seven years so it works.

            The small pieces of wood I used CA really nice, do not have to finish it and it hardens the wood, many craftsmen use this method to harden some weak and cracked areas. Anytime I have a small area, thin piece that might break gets thin CA poured on the surface. It can be finished but test it first.