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My paint gizmo aka paint stick

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  • My paint gizmo aka paint stick

    I like to carve miniatures, but always have problems painting them.
    I saw this helpful hint and thought to pass it on.
    Take a dowel stick, a broom handle or anything that you might fancy and cut it down to suit you. Take a wood screw that you think might work and cut the head off. Then drill a hole in the handle to fit the screw and glue in place.
    Now you can screw this gizmo into the bottom of your little creations and paint it without getting all messy.
    I just so happened to have an old file handle that I used. painting gizmo 1.jpg painting gizmo 2.jpg

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    That is a helpful hint, thank you!


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      Hi Muddy , I cut off a Screw and Put it into the Large Handel of a Exacto Knife, usually the Red one . It sure comes in Handy . Merle


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        Thanks for sharing your clever idea.
        Local club


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          You can also just drill a larger hole than the screw head through the handle or a piece of 1" dowel from one end, 210611_0002.jpg
          and then a smaller hole than the screw thread through the other end.


          Drop the screw in the large hole and screw it in with a dab of epoxy.



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            I took this Idea a step farther and up sized it for Carving and Painting . When I Power Carve my Cane or Stick Toppers I use this to hold the Piece. Keeps your Hands away from the Bit and gives it a Balanced feel in your Holding Hand even if you hold it by the Piece . I used a 3/8 " Lag Bolt with the Head cut off then Epoxied into a piece of 1 3/8 " Square Basswood 7 " Long. I like it Square to give it better holding Power . On the other End I put a Cup Screw so as to hang it up for Drying after Finishing. Being Square you can also Clamp it in a Vice . As you can see it has been used Hard . Merle 1-IMG_0001.JPG 2-IMG_0002.JPG


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              The smaller you paint helps to have a magnifier glass, the brain does adjust and it is easier to get the paint on the right areas.


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                Tree limbs work well too. Made these a couple weeks the idea from a Lynn Doughty YouTube video.
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